07 Mustang 6 cylinder Shelby for sale

black mustangWe have a rare manual transmission Ford Mustang with a unique body kit that has a Boss, Mach 1, Shelby-ish look.   It is for sale here in San Carlos, California, right next to Redwood City, about 30minutes south of San Francisco on our car lot. Continue reading “07 Mustang 6 cylinder Shelby for sale”

Ford Focus Re-recognized over Honda Civic

Ford-Focus-RS-mk1-150x150Back in 2008 Consumer Reports recognized the Ford Focus as a serious contender, calling it “nimble and fun to drive, with quick and communicative steering…”    Now in the september 2011 issue, they claim that Honda civic is going downhill while ford focus is still getting better.  Continue reading “Ford Focus Re-recognized over Honda Civic”