Ford Focus Re-recognized over Honda Civic

Ford-Focus-RS-mk1-150x150Back in 2008 Consumer Reports recognized the Ford Focus as a serious contender, calling it “nimble and fun to drive, with quick and communicative steering…”    Now in the september 2011 issue, they claim that Honda civic is going downhill while ford focus is still getting better. 

The frontpage blurb from Consumer Reports: “Honda Civic rolls backward while Ford Focus moves ahead!”

Part of that story is that in 2007 the Honda Civic was a top rated pick, but now scores too low to earn that mark.  Meanwhile the Focus has been the unknown champion, only recently recognized in ’08 and just now getting more attention.

“We found the ford focus to be fun to drive and more polished…with the type of agile handling, supple ride, and solide feel that we’d expect from a compact sports sedan.”

Here at Driveline we’ve been hip to the Focus for quite a while.   In fact we have quite a few of them in stock, you can click to look at our inventory.

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