To view our inventory of cars online, in a new window, click here.

You can always come by our car lots and have a first-hand look, or call us at (650) 595.1555 for more information.

The link will open another tab where you can see crucial info about your future vehicle such as:

  • recent pictures (outside & in)
  • make,
  • model,
  • year,
  • color,
  • transmission
  • engine types,
  • highway MPG,
  • vin #,
  • carfax,
  • and more.

And of course the price is also listed.

Want to see pictures of what we’ve previously sold?

Here are pictures of some vehicles that we’ve sold.  These pictures are over a year old at this point so keep in mind we’ve gone through many more cars since then.

Of course you’re always welcome to ask us about specific vehicles.   We have people from all over San Mateo County and beyond coming in for our specialties in Ford Focus, Mustangs, …