Sell Your Car Fast

white benzOne of the main sources of our used car inventory is our own customers!  Want to sell your car, fast?  Bring it in so that we can give you an offer in 5 minutes!  Talk to us about trading in, or let us sell your car for you!

Are you looking for cash for your car?  Do you want to trade-in?  Are you in Redwood City, San Mateo, or Burlingame area looking for someone to buy your car? We’re in San Carlos buying cars from people in San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, and even San Carlos!

Lots of folks who bought a new or used vehicle yesterday, are today thinking “I need to sell my car, fast!”

Our goal is to give you the fastest way to sell your car:
We can give you a quote via email ASAP, even pick up the car if its pretty close, and even pay you on the spot. Click here

We provide you with a variety of options and perks that you wont get from selling on the street or taking it to most other dealers.

We buy cars, we can take cars in for trade, or we can take your car on consignment, sell your car for you.

We can display and sell your car on our lot, and also add our online advertising powers.

If you’re thinking “it’s time to sell my car,” bring the vehicle you want to sell by our lot so we can take a look at it and most of the time you can be out in about 5 minutes – call ahead for an appointment if you can, tell us about the used car you want to sell so that we can be ready for you.

One of the many beautiful cars sold to us
One of the many beautiful cars sold to us

We buy a wide variety of used cars.  Regardless of whether your car is younger or older, foreign or domestic, we buy a variety so that we can turn around and provide that variety to our customers:  people come from all over San Mateo county and beyond to buy our used cars!

We are friendly and fair, and will tell you honestly the reality of the market for your used vehicle, and at the same time will try to give you top $$ for your car for sale.   Zero liability, paid off or not.

You can own the title, or the bank can be the leinholder.

Any other questions about selling your car?

We are located in San Carlos, and we want to buy your car. Call 650.595.1555 to set up a time, come in and show it to us.