Quality Assurance: All our vehicles are safety checked and inspected by 3rd party shops before we make them available to the public.

So, why consider a warranty?

We do everything possible to make our customers happy with their chosen vehicle.  A warranty makes sure that you’re fully covered for those unexpected times.

At Driveline Auto we offer you a variety of comprehensive warranty solutions.  You can choose the deductible level that best suits your needs.

Besides coverage for vehicle parts and breakdowns, your vehicle service contracts can provide:

Guardian Warranty Corp used by Driveline auto Roadside Assistance
– Car Rental
– Transferability of contract which enhances resale value
– Reimbursement of meal and lodgings if away from home and car breaks down
– Direct payment to repair facility, you don’t need to get involved

We’ve partnered with  Guardian Warranty Corporation.  Call us or come by for details and we’ll see which solution works best for your needs.